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Here’s a round-up of women’s news that made it to the headlines. Did we miss
something? Let us know through your comments.

Boko Haram releases nearly 200 hostages

Boko Haram has set free the majority of over 200 women and children kidnapped in a raid earlier this month. They were allegedly released for refusing to cooperate with the terrorists.


US woman jailed for plotting to aid Islamic State
A young Colorado woman has been sentenced to four years in jail after she pleaded guilty to trying to help the militant group Islamic State (IS).

PNG women accused of sorcery saved from murder in remote village

Intervention by police and missionaries hailed as a victory, after saving four women accused of using witchcraft to bring on deadly measles outbreak


Emma Watson at Davos: ‘Women need to be equal participants’

Harry Potter star and UN ambassador Emma Watson unveiled a new year-long initiative to end gender inequality as part of HeforShe campaign


Church of England consecrates first woman bishop, Libby Lane

For the first time since its foundation in 1534, the Church of England has consecrated a woman bishop. Libby Lane has become Bishop of Stockport despite some fierce opposition from traditionalists.

Marginalized and stigmatized – China’s transgender sex workers

Extortion, insults, violence – a new report by Asia Catalyst exposes the level of discrimination and abuse transgender sex workers have to face in China. But the biggest challenge is their legal identity. DW examines the situation.

Meet Afghanistan’s Badass Girl Skateboarders !!! 40% Of Afghanistan’s Skateboarders Are Female !

A non-profit in war ravaged Afghanistan that pairs skateboarding with educational initiatives boasts an unlikely student body comprising 40 percent girls.


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