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Worldwide an estimated 140 million females are affected by FGM. Check out here the scope of the problem in graphics and numbers, and read other news about women.

#endFGM: The scope of the problem in graphics and numbers

It’s considered a violation of human rights, nonetheless two million girls undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) each year – adding up to 140 million cases. This graphic series shows the scope of the problem. Read more here.

Female genital mutilation is alive in Australia. It’s just called labiaplasty

Behind both female genital mutilation and the dramatic increase in genital surgery is the pressure to conform to a constructed ideal of desirability. Read Van Badham’s column in The Guardian here.

FBI: More women in the U.S. are joining ISIS

The FBI warns U.S. law enforcement about the growing number of female ISIS recruits in America. CNN’s Pamela Brown reports. See here.

Donald Trump renews feud with Fox News host Megyn Kelly

Mr Trump said Ms Kelly, who returned to her show on Monday after a break, “must have had a terrible vacation” because “she’s really off her game”. Read more here from CNN.

The guilt of quitting sexist workplaces

Sometimes leaving a job is easier than standing up to discrimination – so what can women do about it?

Read more here from the Guardian.

Why Indian women must shun sex to claim alimony

A court in southern India recently ruled that a woman divorced for being adulterous could not claim maintenance from her ex-husband. The ruling by Justice S Nagamuthu of the Madras high court may be legally sound, but the language of the judgement is worrying women’s activists, writes the BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Delhi. Read more here from BBC.


01.09.2015 | 6:27