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(Copyright: Reuters/S. Modola)

(Copyright: Reuters/S. Modola)

Why is fighting FGM so hard? What has to change before women and girls are not threatened anymore by this crime? Read more here and other news about women that made it to the headlines.

FGM: Inside Kenya’s illegal “cutting room”

The “cutting room” is grim, dark and grubby. Fraying gray ropes are set into the rough dirt floor, and a curtain flutters at the open door.

Read more here from CNN.

Afghanistan woman stoned to death for ‘adultery’ in Taliban-controlled region

A young woman has been stoned to death for adultery in a Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan, while the man was let off with a lashing, officials say. The execution, captured on video, went viral on social media.

Read more here.

Delhi former driver for ride-sharing app Uber gets life sentence for rape

A former driver with ride-sharing app Uber has been handed a sentence of life in jail for the rape of a passenger in India last December. The prosecutor asked for a ‘message’ to society about the consequences of assault.

Read more here.

Rape and consent: What you need to know before you have sex

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) recently launched its #ConsentIs campaign and BBC Three has asked Is This Rape? In a programme aimed at finding out what British teenagers do and don’t know about sexual consent.

Read more here from Independent.

Why is it still legal to take creepshots of women in public places? 

When Jase Dillan turned a camera on a man allegedly filming women’s clothed privates on a public street, he said he doesn’t need permission – and he’s right.

Read Jessica Vallenti’s column here from the Guardian.

Police appeal for witnesses after alleged anti-Muslim hate crime on a south London bus

A Muslim woman was allegedly punched in the head and kicked off a bus near Elephant and Castle station.

Read more here from the Independent.

Tackling sexual harassment in Egypt

Nihal Saad Zaghloul saw her friend sexually assaulted in the middle of Egypt’s Tahrir Square and was unable to help. Farid Farid reports from Cairo on a new campaign to combat such attacks against women.

Read more here.

How one group plans to revolutionize menstrual hygiene for refugees

Making ends meet in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp is challenging. With refugees only offered a small stipend in relief aid, food is the first priority. That means for the tens of thousands of women who live in the camp, sanitary pads are a luxury they cannot afford.

Read more here from GLOBALCITIZEN

Social media images get two Iranian actresses banned

Two actresses have been banned from acting in Iran after publishing images on social media breaking the country’s strict dress code. They are a part of a growing movement online challenging these norms.

Read more here.



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