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(Copyright: picture-alliance/dpa)

(Copyright: picture-alliance/dpa)

‘Saudi Arabia sentences woman convicted of adultery to death by stoning – her male partner gets 100 lashes.’ This article got the most comments from readers. What do you think about this topic? Give your comment below.


Laura N Hubbard Let’s talk about the folks who killed their children because they believed the kids were possessed by the devil. They’re comfortably looked upon as mentally ill without people demonizing the whole of Christianity. (Facebook, December 3)

For Pakistani-German couple in Darmstadt sentenced to life for killing their daughter


Ayesha Qadritakes courage to do that! (Facebook, December 4)

Kuraisha Wahidit really brought tears to my eyes sometimes the children have no time for their aged parents & its sad family is very important not just during the season but always. Thanks DW for sharing. (Facebook, December 2)

Christina Sue Barajaki That is why men are so sisgusting, especially this kind of men from this culture. Look at those women’s faces, they don’t look happy, but only the f**cker smiles happily. (Facebook, November 29)
Franciska Eseenam Bonin It is quite the same in Africa. (Facebook, November 29)

Pamela Ayers Thinking, believing & dressing like the 4th century…pathetic! No wonder they have to have a law telling women they can only travel with a man’s permission, because most of them would run away from that godforsaken country. (Facebook, November 28)

Nearly all India’s Muslim women reject ‘triple talaq’ and polygamy

More than 90 percent of Muslim women surveyed in India want the “triple talaq” divorce ritual and polygamy banned from family civil law in the country, a study by a women’s rights organization, the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), showed. (From September 4, 2015)

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Which colour would you like to wear on the most important day of your life? I say peach. But unlike me, most women in Pakistan would prefer wearing black, according to a Gallup survey in Pakistan. (From July 24, 2013)



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