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© picture-alliance/dpa

© picture-alliance/dpa

A woman was one of the culprit of the San Bernardino shooting, which caused the death of 14 people on Wednesday December 2. What moves a woman to commit mass murder? Another question that popped up in the news this week: should a teenage rapist get a second chance? Read on!

Convict in Indian gang rape, murder case is released

One of six men convicted of taking part in the savage 2012 gang rape of an Indian physiotherapy student on a moving Delhi bus was released Sunday after completing his full three-year sentence behind bars, an Indian government official said.

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Tashfeen Malik, Suspect in California Attack, Remains Mystery to Relatives

Tashfeen Malik, the woman accused by law enforcement officials of killing 14 people and injuring 21 others in a California conference center alongside her husband Wednesday, remains largely a mystery to both investigators and her relatives in Pakistan, who have responded to her actions with shock and horror.

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More than 180,000 child brides in Turkey, lawyer claims

Around a third of all marriages in the country are between an elder man and a child, according to recent statistics.
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Polls open in Saudi Arabia, first time women allowed to vote

Saudi Arabia women voted in municipal elections Saturday morning, marking the first time they have been allowed to cast ballots in the conservative nation. Women in the conservative religious kingdom are being allowed both to run for office and to vote this year, although critics have said restrictions on both activities have made it hard on would-be women candidates and voters.

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India: Program to end violence against women

The United Nations marks its International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women. Rising crime against women are a particularly worrying problem in India – where a brutal gangrape in Delhi three years ago made international headlines.

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In 155 countries women still face legal discrimination. The consequences are huge

A recent World Bank survey found that in 155 out of 173 countries, women face legal obstacles in the workplace. You might think that gender inequality today has more to do with social obstacles than legal ones. Like companies paying a young graduate less than the salary negotiated by her male classmate. Or women doing more unpaid household work than their male partners. You would be wrong.

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Fortuna Düsseldorf player-turned-referee banned for five weeks after sexist remark

A player in Germany’s second division has been suspended after making a sexist remark to a female referee. Kerem Demirbay had already been punished by his club, which ordered him to referee a girl’s football match.

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HIV: What Women Need to Know

At the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, most people who were HIV positive were gay men. Today, about half of those worldwide who are living with HIV are women. Most women get HIV from having unprotected sex with men. In some respects, living with HIV is different for women than men. Women have a different role in society than men, as well as unique health concerns when faced with HIV.

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From social media to the catwalk, is fantasy beauty failing young women?

After ‘fat shaming’ on trains and a campaign for health checks for models, do we risk creating unachievable and narrow ideals of body image that do more harm than good?

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‘Strong is beautiful’: the unstoppable rise of Crossfit

At the Weightlifting World Championships, femininity and physique go hand in hand – and it’s all down to the world’s biggest fitness craze.

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This NYC hair stylist is helping women in India unlock their inner beauty

When it comes to gender equality, beauty is often a double-edged sword. On the one hand, girls and women around the world face impossible beauty standards, blatant objectification, and the sexist assumption that they are somehow only “good for their looks.”

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Women are singing out for climate action

I’m calling it now: there’s a new contender for the Australian national anthem. A super-group of beloved Australian female artists have collaborated with the Australian women’s climate movement, 1 Million Women, to make a noise – and make it clear.

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Women on the hunt

Hunting season has opened in Germany and an increasing number of women are taking part. Euromaxx looks at the growing trend of women on the hunt.

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