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© AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

© AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The refugee crisis remains a hot topic in Europe. The sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have made it even more complicated. Another sexual crime committed by a refugee was reported last week. Read a reader’s comment here. Another question that popped up: Do women have to vote for Hillary Clinton to become the next US president just because she is a woman? And the never ending debate: Who should do the household chores; only the wife, or the wife and the husband?


Maren Dohle: The politically correct thing is to protect those who need protection; which applies to refugees as much as to victims of sexual assault. Didn’t know we have to decide whether we want to protect people fleeing wars or protecting children from sexual violence. I chose both. Thanks. (Facebook, February 8, 2016)

For Iraqi refugee ‘raped 10-year-old boy at Austrian swimming pool’


Chandrima Das A very good read… Perhaps I was looking for this kind of article that soothes the mind… Thanks so much for posting it at perfect time..! (Facebook, February 7, 2016)




Tina Schrier This was a beautiful article. Thanks so much for posting it. (Facebook, February 7, 2016)

For A Heart Filled With Love, Not Stuff



Melissa Mayes It is always a good thing to create open and caring communication with kids. However, peer to peer is often the bigger influence. (Facebook, February 6, 2016)


For Women’s Rights New’s Photo: “Teach your son not to rape people, then you won’t have to teach your daughter to be afraid”



Sima Rahdoost Can it happen legally to his beloved family members as well ??? (Facebook, February 5, 2016)

For Daryush Valizadeh Says Rape Should be Legalised – Cancels Meetings for ‘Safety Reasons’


Lindsay Small Seriously? No one forced him to live in any conditions and he can get off his ass and clean it himself! If you are hungry, get up and cook. How about you pitch in and help her out. Sorry it is not the wife’s job to take care of the husband in my opinion no matter where you live. I am at the end of my pregnancy and have two other kids to care for and do pretty much everything but my job never stops! We are just as tired as men working! How about you stay home and take care of the kids then, then see how hard it is. Men do not realize how hard it is caring for kids, the house plus them! Step up, be a man and help clean YOUR house and cook for YOUR family. And maybe she should sue you for not helping her! (Facebook, February 5, 2016)


Response from

Colin Wiseman But what if it is her job to do those things while he is out earning enough money to keep the roof over her head? Spin this, what if he wasn’t keeping up his side of the “bargain” but not earning enough to keep the roof over their head and food on the table, would you say “hey no one forced her to live like that, maybe she should get up and get a job and help to put money in the bank”? (Facebook, February 5, 2016)


Colin Wiseman (Playing devil’s advocate. I think he should have just left her than taking it to the silly level of suing the person) (Facebook, February 5, 2016)


Response from

Lindsay Small Well yeah if she did not like her conditions, then change them. Get a job. I was working, going to school and running my household. But it should be 50/50 and it’s stupid he’s suing. I’d be going for divorce if I were her. (Facebook, February 5, 2016)




Rose Love Now she’ll get a break from work and him, ha! (Facebook, February 4, 2016)

For Wife could be jailed for not doing enough housework




Jim Lloyd Saudi Arabia is a backward hole for sadistic males to live in.They couldn’t even spell equality let alone live by it. (Facebook, February 5, 2016)


For ‘Saudi Arabian women banned from Starbucks after collapse of gender segregation wall’


Arthur Straker Why should anyone vote for someone just on the basis of their gender? It is a silly article. Women who don’t vote for Hillary Clinton aren’t letting her down – maybe, just maybe it is Hillary Clinton that is letting down female voters? Surely people vote for the person with the policies and past record they most agree with? (Facebook, February 4, 2016)




Dora Bibb Poland Of course I want to see a woman in the White House. But I will not vote for a woman just because she is a woman. I sure as hell didn’t vote for Sarah Palin. (Facebook, February 3, 2016)




Celia Pundel Martínez Sometimes it doesn’t have to be about gender. In a truly equal race, both candidates should be judged by what they say and their record. Bernie Sanders is just the better candidate. (Facebook, February 3, 2016)

For It’s a great shame American women won’t help Hillary Clinton make history


Lizzie Fletcher The whole world sees your suffering and we weep with u. God bless you dear sister. We love you. And we are with you. (Facebook, January 31, 2016)

For Dispatches: ‘Virginity Testing’ to End for Yezidi Rape Survivors


Author: Marjory Linardy

Editor: Grahame Lucas



Cologne – Can group dynamics lead to sexual violence?

On New Year’s Eve, hundreds of men sexually harassed women in Cologne in public. How could this happen? What are the impacts of group dynamics in such a situation? Dr. Barbara Krahé, a social psychology professor, explains. (From January 11, 2016)

Something in the air

On my way back home from work a group of boys passing by started whistling and singing songs in a language that was not English, Hindi, Urdu or German, the languages I recognize. It shocked me as it had never happened to me during my three years long stay in Germany. It shocked me even more when a similar incident happened to me again a few days later. (From January 14, 2016)

“Women should be obedient!”

Some questions need to be answered with reason not with fury. But some men just punish women when they question them about the respect they ought to get – the respect, a mother should have taught her sons. But if they do not teach this to their sons, they as women (mothers) betray other women (wives/daughter-in-laws). (From December 12, 2016)

What women are not allowed to do in Saudi Arabia

The human rights record of Saudi Arabia is far from good. One of the things which makes it bad is the protection of women and their rights. Even though women have been allowed to take part in an election recently for the first time, as voters and as candidates, they are still not allowed to do some things or restricted. (From December 22, 2016)









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