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Beyoncé © picture-alliance/dpa

Beyoncé © picture-alliance/dpa

Women should never stop fighting for their rights. Speaking out about a sexual crime or assault is one of the possibilities. Using your talents to draw attention to gender injustice or any other violation on human rights is also a possibility. Beyoncé has just done it. Read more here!


FGM Case Reported Every 109 Minutes in England

A case of female genital mutilation (FGM) was reported every 109 minutes in England between April and September last year, yet there has not been a single prosecution, according to government figures.

Read more here from Vice News.


I’m a survivor of female genital cutting and I’m speaking out – as others must too

My aunt cut my genitals when I was seven years old. The culture of silence surrounding this FGM/C means laws alone won’t stop it.

Read Maryum Saifee’s opinion here from The Guardian.


Ban Ki-moon says woman at helm of UN would be ‘a great idea’

As the race to choose a successor starts, a campaign for a female appointment grows with two women already put forward.

Read more here from The Guardian.


Albright: ‘special place in hell’ for women who don’t support Clinton

Former secretary of state says women must help each other, while people are talking about a ‘revolution’ led by the first female US president.

Read more here from The Guardian.


Young Women Prefer Sanders to Clinton and It Has Nothing to Do With Impressing the Boys

It’s no great secret that young women in the Democratic Party prefer Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton. Just last month, USA Today/Rock the Vote’s poll found that Democratic and independent women between the ages of 18 and 34 favor Senator Sanders by nearly 20 percentage points.

Read more here from Huffpost.


Peru sex worker’s campaign trail: ‘I’ll put order in the big brothel that is congress’

Activist and sex worker Angela Villón is running for congress in Peru’s elections in April, hoping to fight trafficking and the sexual exploitation of underage girls.

Read more here from The Guardian.


What we know about Ri Chun-hee, the most famous woman in North Korea

She’s North Korea’s go-to news anchor for nuclear tests, rocket launches and warnings about the evils of the West. Ri Chun-hee has cried, laughed and shouted on Korean Central Television for over forty years.

Read more here from BBC.


Beyoncé’s political Super Bowl performance comes at perfect time

During the performance, Beyoncé and her dancers wore black leather and Black Panther berets, an homage to the civil rights group that was formed 50 years ago to advocate racial justice.

Read more here from GLOBALCITIZEN.


Hijab-Wearing Barbie Has Become an Instagram Sensation

Haneefa Adam, a 24 year old medical student from Nigeria, thought that Muslim girls needed a doll to play with that actually looked like them. So she took matters into her own hands and created the Hijab-wearing Barbie or “Hijarbie”.

Read more here from Women’s Rights News.


‘Speed-dating’ with a twist: got questions for Muslim women? Here’s where to go

Hana Assafiri invites ‘generous and brilliant’ women to her Moroccan deli in Melbourne every fortnight for those who want to ‘ask a Muslim anything’ in a bid to create a more cohesive society, one conversation at a time.

Read more here from The Guardian.


Is this the world’s tiniest backpacker? Mother spends maternity leave backpacking with her baby

This little baby has seen more of the world than most of us have – and she started her travels at ten weeks old.

Read more here from The Telegraph.


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