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Ghana’s ‘Fitvolution’



Nearly 30 percent of Ghana’s population is overweight. Many of the country’s inhabitants suffer from the same nutrition problems as people in industrialized countries. Bernice Asiedu wants to change Ghanaians’ unhealthy Lifestyles.


Author: Katja von Eisenhart-Rothe & Dana Wachter



Tech Needs Girls: equipping Ghanaian girls with IT skills

Learning about technology and practical science can help children develop into critical thinkers. That is according to a young Ghanaian entrepreneur who encourages girls as young as six to develop technology skills. (From March 27, 2015)

Women in Ghana showcase their abilities

Women in Ghana support their families and contribute to society in many different ways. Ghanaian photographer Geoffrey Buta has documented their work. (From March 11, 2015)

Workout tips/hints for the busy women of today!

Amidst our daily stress women in particular encounter difficulties combining work and leisure time. The enormous pressure to succeed at work has a serious impact on our lives because we do not really have enough time for hobbies, relaxation and sport. We come home tired and we just want to chill on the couch. The thought of getting up to go to our nearby gym for an aerobic course or other activities is just not on our minds. (From January 15, 2015)



15.11.2016 | 15:50