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“I delivered an oversized baby with no painkillers”

(Olek, photo © Pranav Mehta/St+ARTIndia)

(Olek, photo © Pranav Mehta/St+ARTIndia)

Polish artist, Agata Oleksiak, also known as Olek, uses bright colored crochet artworks as installations in cities to highlight political and cultural issues. Recently, Olek was in Delhi as a part of the St+art Festival, decorating a homeless shelter with her crochet installation. Local women assisted Olek to create a 40ft x 30 ft yarn to bring attention to the night shelter in Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi. Olek, a self-taught crochet artist uses her work to express her support of women’s rights, sexual equality and freedom of expression. WTO Blogger Roma Rajpal Weiß asked her a few questions about her project and experience in India.


17.04.2015 | 12:49



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