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Rescue operation on Nanga Parbat

Elisabeth Revol and Tomek Mackiewicz

It’s a race against time. A rescue team of climbers from the Polish K2 winter expedition is trying to rescue the Frenchwoman Elisabeth Revol and the Pole Tomek Mackiewicz, who have fallen into difficulties during their summit bid on Nanga Parbat. According to the information available, the 43-year-old Tomek – suffering from snowblindness and frostbite – is staying in a tent at about 7200 meters. “I keep descending, please helicopter tomorrow,” wrote Elisabeth Revol in a text message from her satellite phone. The 37-year-old is said to be somewhere between 6200 and 6400 meters.

Don’t check Adam’s GPS tracker!

Hats off to Denis Urubko (l.) and Adam Bielecki (r.)

Denis Urubko and Adam Bielecki of the Polish K 2 team climbed the Kinshofer route, even in the dark. The two almost “sprinted” almost up the wall. In five and a half hours they overcame 1,000 meters of altitude. At around 18:45 CET they were already at just below 5,900 meters. An amazing performance of the two climbers! It is urged not (!) to check Adam’s GPS tracker. The server was overloaded. The team needs the tracker for the rescue, so stay away!

Fingers crossed!

Further down, Jaroslaw Botor and Piotrek Tomala are following with rescue equipment. The four climbers of the rescue team had been picked up by helicopter from K 2 base camp and flown to Nanga Parbat. The weather conditions on the 8,125- meter high mountain are difficult: the higher, the windier. So fingers crossed or pray or both for Elisabeth, Tomek and the courageous rescue team!

Update, 22.30 CET: Denis Urubko und Adam Bielecki have reached Elisabeth Revol at 6,100 m!  She is to be brought to lower altitudes. Well done, Denis and Adam!


Update, 28 January: Elisabeth was flown to Islamabad where she was treated in hospital because of frostbite on her fingers and toes. The search for Tomek was called off due to bad weather that made a rescue impossible. It was reported that the 43-year-old was already in agony when Elisabeth left him for descent. Allegedly both had summited before. R.I.P., Tomek.

P.S .: Unfortunately, I will not be able to keep you up to date, because I will be on the road for a week from Sunday. So you need to find out elsewhere.


27. January 2018 | 19:33