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No news yet from Nanga Parbat

Tomek Mackiewicz

The internet is to blame. Today we are used to following expeditions on the highest mountains and in the remotest regions of the world almost in real time via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blogs. Our perception has changed as well: Much faster than before, we assume something must have happened if we do not hear anything for longer than expected. So what’s up with Tomek Mackiewicz and Elisabeth Revol, who wanted to reach the summit of Nanga Parbat this Thursday? The answer is simple: We do not know yet.

No panic!

I contacted Tomek’s wife. “No news yet,” she replied. She could not confirm today’s posts on Twitter that Mackiewicz and Revol were climbing above 8000 meters. “I guess they are on their way down. With summit or without.” Maybe the battery of the satellite phone are down, she added, then we might not hear anything for a few days until they reach the base camp. She points out that it is a low-budget expedition, without spare batteries, without radio connection. Tomek’s wife does not panic: “I know him, and I know no news is rather good news…” So let’s wait and stay calm!

P.S.: Tomorrow I will be on the road all day long and most probably offline. Please do not jump to conclusions but try to inform yourself from other sources on Tomek and Elisabeth on Nanga Parbat!

Update 26.1., 9 a.m.: According to Janusz Majer, an old master of Polish Himalayan climbing, Tomei and Elisabeth got stuck at 7,400 m yesterday. He refers to information from France. A rescue operation was organized, it said.


26. January 2018 | 0:59