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with Stefan Nestler

Two Polish climbers die on Shivling



Shivling is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Some people call the 6,543-meter-high mountain in northern India the „Matterhorn“ of the Himalayas. Now a drama has taken place there. Two Polish climbers paid for the attempt to climb Shivling with their lives. Grzegorz Kukurowski and Lukasz Chrzanowski had tried to climb the mountain via the North Face. They stuck at 6,300 meters, about 200 meters below the summit.

Fall into a crevasse



Kukurowski showed symptoms of high altitude sickness. Chrzanowski gave him emergency medicine in the tent, but Grzegorz died a little later. Lukasz now tried to descend alone. According to the Polish Mountaineering Association (PZA), he lost his balance on a snow and ice slope. slid more than 200 meters down and fell into a crevasse. Two other Polish expedition members, who had climbed up to help him, were only about 150 meters away at this time. When they reached the crevasse, Chrzanowski was still alive. But a little later he died from his inner injuries.


14. October 2016 | 17:24