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Education for all

Five bloggers, five countries, one dialogue

Education for all

Five countries, five bloggers, five educational pathways. In this blog, young people from Iraq, Germany, Argentina, Russia and Kenya discuss the state of education in their home countries as well as their own experiences in the school system. They come from varying cultures, religions and classes. It was not always easy for the bloggers to make their way through school, but they agree on one thing: Promoting access to education is important. Please join the discussion – comments are welcome, including about your own experiences with learning.


May 2, 2012 | 2:15 pm


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  • Education for all?

    I have got an admission letter from a German university, the embassy in Baghdad informed me to contact the German embassy in Jordan, I contacted the German embassy in Amman and got no reply from them.

    Please stop writing about “Education for all”

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