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Dance empowers Kenyan prostitutes

Two young Germans believe dance can change lives and are bringing a holistic dance program to prostitutes in Kenya with an organization called Maua. They not only want to restore the women’s self-confidence, but also meet their medical needs.

Maua co-founders Amrei Krings and Maren Haferkamp join Pulse hosts Kate Müser and Helen Whittle in the studio:

Dance empowers Kenyan prostitutes


A group of women, including sex workers, in Naivasha work on a water tank

Prostitutes in Naivasha offer themselves on the streets to workers in the flower industry

The dance workshop will take place in August 2013 in this church

Maua co-founders Maren Haferkamp and Amrei Krings joined DW in the studio

Visit Maua’s website for more information.

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Tuesday 29.01.2013 | 14:30