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Former fashion designer saves Borneo reefs

The dream of fame and fortune is a familiar one for many young people – but giving it up in pursuit of activism is much less common.  Twenty-seven-year-old Felicity “Flik” Finlayson did just that – in one of the most extreme ways possible. She gave up her goal of becoming a fashion designer and moved to a remote island in Borneo to devote her life fulltime to marine conservation with the organization TRACC.

Listen to the report by Emily Richmond from Pom Pom Island in Malaysian Borneo:

Felicity Finlayson relaxing with local staff on Pom Pom Island, Malaysia

Flik went to Pom Pom Island on vacation – and stayed (Photo: F. Finlayson)

Felicity "Flik" Finlayson working underwater on a new artificial reef

Flik rebuilds portions of the reef, then replants the in the ocean (Photo: TRACC)

Coral plugs growing in underwater nursery on Pom Pom Island

These coral plugs are meant to enhance the existing reefs off of Pom Pom Island (Photo: TRACC)

"Flik" using walker during her recovery

Flik’s leg was nearly severed in a boat accident while working on the reefs – but she has fully recovered (Photo: F. Finlayson)




Tuesday 11.02.2014 | 13:15



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