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Liberia’s first recycling center

James’ biggest hope is to empower the people in his community. One way he is doing that is by running a recycling an compost center in Monrovia, Liberia. He provides jobs with a purpose – and helps keep the city cleaner.

Listen to the report by Tamasin Ford:

Liberia recycling

James Mulbah Green Center

Liberia's first waste segregation and recycling center

James Mulbah recycling

James in the warehouse of the Green Center with sacks of plastic, cans and scrap metal ready for recycling

James Mulbah compost

James and his workers make compost out of the leftover food from the market women

James Mulbah scales

James weighs a bag of scrap metal to determine how much to pay the customer


Tuesday 13.03.2012 | 13:28



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Liberian radio host helps fight HIV on air

When Cornelius, 23, returned home to Liberia after 10 years in a refugee camp, he decided to do his part to rebuild the post-war country. He’s breaking barriers and changing lives by talking about sex on the radio.

Cornelius Payne

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Wednesday 10.08.2011 | 14:55



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