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Klaus Esterluß | Ideas

Ready! Set! Go! Win a GLOBAL IDEAS USB flash drive!


You have played our new WebDocumentary about Guyana?

Well, then it's up to you to show us what you have learned!

Go to our website…


…and answer the first of five questions. 

Until friday we will ask you one question a day. Answering each question gives you five letters. Put them in the right order and you will get a solution word. Send us the word on friday and you will have pretty high chance to win one of the flash drives.

If you have not played the WebDocumentary yet, here's your chance (again):

The whole GLOBAL IDEAS team wishes you the best of luck. And don't forget, there will be ten winners. Take your chance!



December 6, 2010



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Ranty Islam | Ideas

Experience the latest GLOBAL IDEAS web documentary

Everyone knows forests are important for climate protection. But how, exactly? You don't need to ask us – you can find out for yourself. Take a trip to a great "green lung" via our interactive documentary.

"Expedition in the Jungle" takes you to Guyana on an interactive journey to the guardians of one of the oldest rainforests in existence. Visiting forest protection areas and villages, and speaking to the locals, you'll find out more about just how the planet's green lung operates and how it can be saved while preserving local livelihoods.


To learn more about how Guyana as a whole is planning to save its rainforests check out the video brief by our reporter Christoph Kober


November 22, 2010



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