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DW signs agreement with Tunisian TV stations

Just a few weeks following the end of the authoritarian regime in Tunisia, Deutsche Welle (DW) has agreed to work with Télévision Tunisienne und Hannibal TV. The two channels will integrate current shows, magazines and background features as part of their programming.

Hannibal TV is one of the largest private stations in the country and has been broadcasting the Arabic version of DW’s Journal since May 1. The station will also be showing the talkshow Quadriga and In Focus – a series of documentaries.

The public broadcaster Télévision Tunisienne also agreed to broadcast DW programming, including the Arabic versions of Quadriga and In Focus, as well as the magazines Tomorrow Today and euromaxx.

In addition, DW-AKADEMIE was included in the partnership agreement and will work with the new partners to help provide journalistic training.


2011-05-04 | 11:39