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Market roundup: December 2018


The Colombian TV news channel Cablenoticias is now including Euromaxx, En forma, Visión futuro and Todo gol in its lineup. The TV channel is available in 13 countries in Latin America and more than 10 million households.

LINK TV in the United States in now broadcasting DW’s The Day during prime time. LINK TV reaches more than 24 million households in the United States and focuses on international content.



Indonesia’s largest IPTV and OTT provider UseeTV will now be broadcasting DW’s TV magazine Inovator, on linear TV and as video on demand. UseeTV is available in 1.2 million households. In addition, regional broadcasters SaktiTV and JawaposTV are now also broadcasting Inovator.

The Indonesian news portals, und are now including DW’s online content on their websites.

The cable providers CablePlus Karachi, DonCable Multan and FiveStar Gujranwala are now including the English TV channel in their basis package. Together, the new DW partners reach more than 80,000 households in Pakistan.



2018-12-15 | 2:21