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Premiere for ‘Euro Panorama’ in Bosnia

DW's Benjamin Pargan hosted the first episode.

DW has developed a new television series for Bosnia that is being aired on BHT1. “Euro Panorma” premiered on Saturday, February 11 during primetime in Bosnia and can already be viewed as a huge success. The 24-minute program reports on the week in news across Europe and BHT1 wants to establish it is a flagship for European reporting. BHT1’s director general said the program should open a window to Europe for viewers in Bosnia.

A standard component for the new magazine is a review of the media as well as commentary and analysis of the German media. Every episode also features a discussion between the show’s hosts and experts that will expand on the week’s main issues to provide more in-depth information. This is already DW’s fourth coproduction with partners in Southeast Europe.


2012-02-22 | 8:34