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New coproduction for Central Europe

Deutsche Welle has expanded its television services in Central Europe by making a magazine covering European issues available to partners. Individual features will be taken from Deutsche Welle’s magazine “Europa Aktuell” and additional shows on DW-TV and adapted into the regional language. Regional-specific content – like press reviews and interviews – is produced especially for inclusion in the weekly broadcast.

In Kosovo, “Europe Today” will be broadcast by the leading public broadcaster RTK starting November 24. On December 7, the Croatian version will go on-air with Kanal Z1 and be broadcast every Wednesday. TVR Info in Bucharest started broadcasting the 26-minute show on October 1. “Euro Box” is shown there nationwide on Saturdays. The hosts for the new shows include Lindita Arapi (Albanian), Srecko Matic (Croatian) and Lavinia Pitu (Romanian).


2011-11-11 | 12:55