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DW’s quirky countdown

The Internet is full of funny, pithy and sometimes even breath-taking clips, but they’re not always easy to find. That’s why Euromaxx searches high and low to find the best for Clipmania. And to celebrate the celebrated its 100th episode, our editors designed a contest called  Clipmania 100. Viewers and users voted for the 100 best user-generated videos from the almost 300 that have been featured on the program over the past two years. The contest generated over 5,000 letters to the editors and the videos were viewed over 230,000 times on DW’s YouTube channel. The winning entry  titled Black Hole came from English authors Olly Williams and Phillip Sansom. The two-minute video is about an overworked employee who somehow prints out a black hole during the nightshift.

Clipmania 100 ran from January 1 to April 26 and you can find the playlist of all the videos on YouTube.


2013-05-27 | 12:40



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