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Documentaries that enlighten, inform and entertain

Storytelling with video delivers an intimate look at the people and places that make up the bigger picture of important issues. DW’s new YouTube channel, DW Documentary, brings together some of DW’s best documentaries on an online, on-demand format.

Riveting documentaries like Maidan Calling, which tells the story of young people in Kiev who are developing a creative scene fueled by rave music and fashion, present an alternative perspective on major international news issues. Another highlight is #MyEscape, a collection of riveting first person accounts recorded by refugees on smartphones from Afghanistan to Libya. As they made their way to Germany, they took short videos and all the clips put together provide a highly personal and unique portrayal.

Online video is quickly becoming the preferred source for documentaries, and will soon surpass linear television. Users can choose their favorite genres, discover something new on feeds and share their opinions.

With a wide-selection of documentaries covering politics, economics, business, social issues, science and culture along with short documentaries and segments, DW Documentary covers the entire spectrum of important global issues.


2017-01-20 | 8:12



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