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Painting a more personal picture of German unification

An important part of understanding modern Germany is understanding reunification – the pivotal sequence of events that brought together the east and west after decades of separation. As Germany’s international broadcaster, DW has an important role in explaining the significance of these events to people around the world. For the 25th anniversary of reunification, DW is producing several insightful features that go beyond the history with a unique personal perspective.

One of these features is a production from DW’s Documentaries and Reports portraying German unification through the eyes of immigrants. The Scent of Home reveals that the transformation brought a range of reactions from the protagonists. The end of communism meant freedom and self-determination, but that was coupled with the fear of being marginalized, instability and even the loss of social status they had previously enjoyed as the transformation of unification also affected the cultural perception of immigrants. The film demonstrates, however, that unification helps converge  diversity creating a healthier more dynamic society for both Germans and immigrants.

On the other side of history are young people who were born after unification and have only experienced a divided Germany in history books. In general, this cohort has different perceptions and values than previous generations. DW takes a personal look at young people born during the transition time between 1989 and 1990 in the multimedia feature Generation 25 – Children of German Unification. Young people from east and west, the city and the country share their dreams, thoughts and perceptions of society in a clear and intimate fashion. What emerges is a patchwork of personalities and pathways that represents a generation born into choice and looking toward the future.



2015-09-22 | 3:27



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