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New streaming partners in China

DW has secured distribution of several lifestyle and culture programs on four leading Chinese video portals – including,, and These new partners place great importance on offering high quality, interesting, relevant, international programming to their audiences and reach approximately one million viewers throughout China.  “Networks in China are clearly gearing to meet their viewers’ demand for information, insights and true-life glimpses of how the other half lives,” says Petra Schneider, DW’s Director of Distribution.  “Their choice for DW’s specialized content – all things European – indicates their confidence that our content will satisfy this demand.”

Among the titles that have been chosen are the Chinese editions of Global Ideas and Future Now.  Global Ideas showcases people whose innovative ideas are helping combat global warming – from Thailand to Honduras, Jordan, India and Laos. A multinational team of authors, researchers, TV and online reporters works on a multimedia presentation of the projects. The result is, an online platform that offers video content as well as background information on the topics.  Future Now presents 20 visionary scientific projects on the key fields of communication, the environment, mobility and health.  Other titles in English include everything from science to travel. Discover Germany offers a comprehensive travel guide to destinations across Europe.



2012-03-13 | 5:14



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