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CologneCologne was the scene of mass sexual assault on New Year’s Eve. Police say more than 500 complaints have now been filed, with about 40 percent involving sexual offenses. Read more here and check out other news about women that made it to the headlines this week.


Cologne New Year’s Eve complaints rise sharply

Police say more than 500 complaints have now been filed in connection with the New Year’s Eve attacks, with about 40 percent involving sexual offenses. Germany’s justice minister said the violence appeared orchestrated.

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German Justice Minister: Cologne attacks planned in advance

Minister of Justice Heiko Maas has said he believes the sexual assaults in Cologne were ‘coordinated and prepared’ ahead of time. He also accused xenophobic groups of using the crimes to stir up hatred.

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ISIS just murdered the first female Journalist to report inside ist territory

Ruqia Hassan: Isis executes first female citizen journalist in Raqqa, confirmed by ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’ Group. Some of her last words were: ‘When Isis arrest and kill me it’s ok because… it’s better than [living] in humiliation with Isis’

Read more here from the Independent.


Italian government investigates after five pregnant women die in a week

Health ministry send teams to four hospitals in north of Italy, which has one of the world’s lowest maternal mortality rates.

Read more here from the Guardian.


Documentaries and Reports – Congo’s Women Warriors

Courageous women are fighting in Congo’s civil war – they no longer want to be victims. Several hundred have joined either the army or rebel groups. By taking up weapons, the female soldiers are taking a clear stand – they refuse to be defenseless.

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‘He does it to humiliate’: Fox Sports journalist Neroli Meadows unloads on Chris Gayle

Meadows says Gayle’s comments to reporter Mel McLaughlin are part of a pattern of behaviour that female sports journalists should not have to endure.

Read more here from the Guardian


Chris Gayle: Cricketer fined after tells female reporter, ‘Don’t blush, baby’

It’s the type of comment you might expect to hear in a 1970s nightclub — not on the sidelines of a professional sports match.

Read more here from CNN


In Israeli City of Haifa, a Liberal Arab Culture Blossoms

The bartender poured tall beers for two women who wandered in for an afternoon pint. Nearby, a 22-year-old woman with a partly shaved head and colorful tattoos sat alone, working on her Laptop. They were among the many coifed, pierced and tattooed women and men who populate a slice of Haifa’s social scene that resembles that of the well-heeled hipsters of Tel Aviv. But here the cool kids are Palestinians, and they have unfurled a self-consciously Arab milieu that is secular, feminist and gay-friendly.

Read more here from the New York Times.


Why do women have a harder time sleeping than men?

Wage gap? Desire gap? Orgasm gap? Meet the latest member of the outcome-disparity club: the sleep gap. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, insomnia is more common in women than men — and experts believe there are a few specific reasons why this sad truth exists.

Read more here from CNN.


Endometriosis: A cause of menstrual pain

Up to ten percent of women of child-bearing age suffer from endometriosis, but many don’t know it. They think their menstrual pain and heavy periods are normal until they try to become pregnant — and don’t succeed.

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Author: Marjory Linardy

Editor: Grahame Lucas


14.01.2016 | 21:41