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Jordanian plumber bolters women up


Being a plumber is still usually a “man’s job” across the world. But in Jordan, one woman is breaking that mold. And that in a country where only a tiny fraction of women go out to work at all.


Report: Mirja Fiedler



 Indian women take over ‘men’s sport’

India recently launched its first women professional Kabaddi league. The popular South Asian sport has traditionally been dominated by men but women Kabaddi players say they are out there to demonstrate the ‘girl power.’ (From August 1, 2016)

Start-up revolution in Iran

Even though men and women do not share equal rights in Iran, 29-year-old businesswoman Tabassom wants to bring her start-up company to success. Will she prevail in a male-dominated country? (From October 13, 2015)

Lives On The Edge: Clearing Landmine

Till a year ago, she could not have ever imagined that she would be working in a minefield every day, strapping on 25 kilograms of equipment to search for the very explosives that used to give her nightmares as a child. Today, though she can identify 10 different types of mines just by sight and, over time, the minefield has become familiar territory. (From July 24)


29.10.2016 | 22:35