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Why do women still earn less?

Despite progress on other fronts, woman worldwide still earn less than men – in Germany its 21 percent less. What are the reasons for the wage gap, and when will it finally be closed? Watch the video here!




An interview with a twist

I think I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s never had the jitters at a job interview. There you are facing a panel of stern HR people, your head a hodgepodge of “correct answers” to their potential general knowledge questions, your CV read, reread and proofread to perfection, your clothes striking the right balance of professionalism and comfort… (From April 18, 2017)

Famous feminists and the struggle for equality

The women’s marches in January were largely held to protest Trump, but also follow in the footsteps of feminists through the ages. We look at women who’ve fought for equality. (From March 7, 2017)

Gender Equality in the Fight against violence

Do you know Bill Cosby? Have you heard that Bill Cosby is alleged to have sexually assaulted a number of women? This kind of news spreads very quickly mostly because he is a celebrity. Do you know Denis Mukwege? If you don’t, you ought to. (From January 6, 2015)



25.04.2017 | 9:20