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Nanga Parbat summit bid on Thursday

Tomek Mackiewicz on Nanga Parbat

Ready, go! “We are at 7,300 (meters). Terrible fight,” Tomek Mackiewicz is quoted on his Facebook page in telegram style. “If weather permits, tomorrow summit.” If not now, when?, we could add. On Thursday, by far the lowest wind speeds this week are expected for the 8,125 meter summit of Nanga Parbat: 20 to 25 km/h. In addition a few clouds and temperatures of minus 42 degrees Celsius. Thereafter, the wind is to refresh again and reach storm strength at the weekend.

Keep cool!

The 43-year-old Pole Mackiewicz and his 37-year-old French climbing partner Elisabeth Revol, both en route without bottled oxygen, climbed via the still unfinished Messner route. In winter 2015, the two climbers had reached an altitude of 7,800 meters on Nanga Parbat, but had then been forced back by the cold and windy weather. “When I reached out, I could ‘feel’ the summit with the touch of my finger. It was very close,” Elisabeth later reported. “My heartbeat increased, but we were to remain calm.” She and Tomek should also keep cool in their current attempt.

Restless night in Camp 2 on K2

Denis Urubko in Camp 2

The Polish team on K2, with an altitude of 8,611 meters the second highest mountain on earth, has pitched up Camp 2 on the Cesen Route. Denis Urubko was the first to reach the ledge at 6,300 meters and spent one night there: “The tent was shaken strongly by the storm, but somehow I managed to sleep enough.” Denis then descended to the base camp. Three more teammates will be spending the night to Thursday in Camp 2 too, to further acclimatize. The team led by the old master Krzysztof Wielicki wants to succeed  the first winter ascent of K2. The mountain is the last remaining eight-thousander that has never been climbed in the cold season.


24. January 2018 | 16:40