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Quality Journalism in the Digital Age


What is onMedia?

onMedia is your guide to quality journalism in the digital age. New media and new technologies have already dramatically altered how journalists work and more changes are to come. As well as providing new challenges, these changes also present exciting new opportunities for journalists and media organizations.

onMedia will answer some of the questions thrown up by this digital transformation. What is quality journalism in the digital age? What skills and tools do you need to stay on top of your field? What are the most important innovations that will affect your work in the future?

At the same time, onMedia will continue to dedicate posts to the classic reporting skills needed by print, radio, TV and online journalists around the world.

With our experience working in developing and emerging countries, onMedia is especially focused on sharing its knowledge with journalists in these regions.

What is DW Akademie?

DW Akademie is Germany’s leading organization for international media development. With offices in Bonn and Berlin, DW Akademie supports the development of free and transparent media systems, quality journalism and expertise. DW Akademie helps countries rebuild their media sector following crises and conflicts, and contributes internationally to the training of media professionals. To find out more about the work of the DW Akademie, click here.

How can I contact onMedia?

You can contact DW Akademie through Facebook and Twitter or you can send you comments or questions directly to the onMedia team dw-akademie(at)

onMedia Team:

Steffen Leidel, Guy Degen, Kate Hairsine, Kyle James and Natalia Karbasova

Please note that the onMedia blog is about media developments and media training. Advertising, links without comments and irrelevant posts will be removed. Thank you for your understanding.


Thursday 2011-02-03