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Standing up to everyday sexism

She was sick and tired of rude comments on the bus and inappropriate groping in crowds, so one young Londoner has been sending a clear message to other women: You don’t have to tolerate sexism.

Listen to the report by Joanna Impey in London:

Standing up to everyday sexism

Laura Bates

Laura Bates even took on Facebook – with success (Photo: J. Impey)

Mobile phone

Laura has used Twitter to encourage women to share their experiences (Photo: J. Impey)

Underground station in the UK

Taking the underground can be an uncomfortable experience (Photo: J. Impey)

Laura Bates with MP Caroline Lucas

Laura (second from left) has gotten support from British MP Caroline Lucas (second from right) (Photo: J. Impey)

More about the Everyday Sexism Project on their Website.

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Tuesday 25.06.2013 | 13:04