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A heart for the homeless

Kevin Hofmann, 22, spends a lot of time in cafes, where he likes to read books. When he noticed how much food his regular cafe was throwing away after closing time, he felt he had to take action. Now he regularly collects the unsold sandwiches and cookies and passes them out to the homeless people in his city, Bonn.

Germany has plenty of soup kitchens and shelters. But Kevin says why leave the work to other people? Instead, he’s taking responsibility himself – and breaking out of the apathetic stereotype of his generation.

Listen to the report by Nuradin Abdi in Bonn:

A heart for the homeless

Kevin Hofmann

Kevin was tired of seeing so much waste at his favorite cafés. (Photo: N. Abdi)

Alexandra and Kevin

It’s taken a while for Kevin to gain the trust of the homeless people he distributes food too, but now Alexandra (left) is one of the people he meets regularly in downtown Bonn. (Photo: N. Abdi)

Kevin Hofmann in a cafe

Kevin has always enjoyed reading in cafes. (Photo: N. Abdi)



Tuesday 19.11.2013 | 13:49