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Techno for the children

As the crisis in Syria continues, NGOs are calling an end to the conflict that has killed over a hundred thousand people and displaced millions.

Dan Cole co-founded a Berlin-based collective called It’s Bigger Than, which is doing its bit to raise awareness about the crisis and to raise money to help those in need. Their method? Putting on a party with some of the finest DJs and electronic producers around.

All the DJs play for free. The club donates the space and the party is being put on by a group of volunteers. Party number 2 raised money for Save the Children and featured the likes of Marcel Fengler, Nick Höppner, Iron Curtis, Deep Child and Barbara Preisinger.

The next It’s Bigger Than party will take place in Berlin on September 1, 2013 and this time the money is going to the Mercy Corps.

Listen to the report by Cinnamon Nippard in Berlin:

Techno for the children

Dan Cole

Dan Cole says raising awareness can make a difference – a little bit at a time (Photo. Katrina James)

Crowd at It's Bigger Than techno event

Berlin is a hotspot for techno (Photo: Michelle O’Brien)

DJ at It's Bigger Than Techno event

Some come for the DJs, others for the cause (Photo: Michelle O’Brien)

Zaatari Camp in Syria

Children are most affected by war, says Dan Cole. The last It’s Bigger Than event supported children in Syria through the Save the Children NGO (Photo: Save the Children)

It's Bigger Than even poster

The next It’s Bigger Than event takes place on September 1, 2013


Tuesday 27.08.2013 | 12:11