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Revolutionary news for youth, by youth

Muna Mire is passionate about information. And about impacting her generation.

Some people say today’s 20-somethings are vain and self-absorbed. But Muna is working together with Canada-based youth news organization Young{ist} to prove they’re not – and also make sure her peers don’t become like that.

Mira and her team – all under 26 – are a critical voice in today’s media landscape, aiming to reach anyone who wants to stay engaged with what young people are doing on the ground.

Listen to the report by Ellie Gordon-Moershel in Toronto, Canada:

Muna Mire

Muna Mire is changing the media landscape for her generation (Photo: Young{ist})

Mira Muna

Muna says her generation is especially diverse – and not as apathetic as people say (Photo: Asam Ahmad)


Tuesday 03.12.2013 | 13:05



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