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Earning trust one child at a time

In an underprivileged neighborhood in the Polish city of Lublin, alcohol is a serious problem and most of the kids here grow up with single parents who don’t give them the attention they need. That’s where Kasia comes in. The young engineer coordinates a group of volunteers who spend time with the kids after school, helping with homework and playing games. As reporter Magdalena Fijalkowska found out, it’s not just the kids who are benefitting, but Kasia as well.

Listen to the report by Magdalena Fijalkowska:

Earning trust one child at a time

Katarzyna Mazur

Kasia works in a rough neighborhood of Lublin

Katarzyna Mazur

Kasia takes a leadership role in coordinating the volunteers


Tuesday 10.07.2012 | 12:07



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