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Morocco’s street circus for the people

A four-meter tall camel made of old flour and potato bags – that’s not something you see every day. It’s part of a street festival in rural Morocco with drums, acrobats and larger-than-life puppets, like the camel. The festival plays on local traditions and pays tribute to the region’s cultural heritage. But it also integrates young people from the area without many opportunities: school dropouts, unemployed, orphans. The guy behind it all is 22-year-old Azeddine Aabar.

Listen to the report by Elizabeth Grenier in Tahanahoute, Morocco:

Morocco’s street circus for the people

Azzadine Aabar

Azeddine, 22, has been involved in several grassroots social projects to promote political participation and democratization (Photo: E. Grenier)

Puppets at Eclat de lune

The puppets used by the Eclats de lune circus collective are larger than life (Photo: E. Grenier)

Camel at Eclats de lune

The camel is a highlight at the Awaln’art street festival (Photo: E. Grenier)

Awaln’art street festival

The puppets at the Awaln’art street festival bear the traditional features of the people living in the mountainous region around Marrakesh (Photo: E. Grenier)

Awaln’art street festival

Both performers and spectators are proud of their local roots (Photo: E. Grenier)

Drummers at Awaln’art

The street festival integrates school drop out, unemployed youths and orphans (Photo: E. Grenier)

More on the Awaln’art website.


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