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Opportunity is waiting at DW Akademie

If you are pursuing a career in international media and are aspiring to reach the next level, DW can help you increase your potential.  The International Media Studies Master’s program (IMS) from DW Akademie offers you the chance to combine cutting-edge interdisciplinary academic programs in modern media and journalism with practical experience at a world-class international broadcaster. The program is aimed at young people from developing and emerging countries with a year of professional experience and a bachelor’s degree in a media related field. The program is in German and English. With IMS you will be working with colleagues from all over the world while learning the skills to succeed in international media.

You can find exactly what your application requires here. After you have gathered all of the materials and put together a well-written letter of motivation you can submit your application online. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity and send your application to DW Akademie by April 30.


2014-03-21 | 2:19