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How does DW continue to resonate with Arab audiences?

For the second year in a row, productions from DW (Arabia) have been awarded the Al Haitham Media Award given out by the Arab Media Council in Amman, Jordan. The satirical Al Basheer show won a trophy in the “free word” category. The talk show for Arabic youth, Shababtalk, won a gold award for the best Arabic talk show. Shababtalk also won the 2015 Arab Festival for Radio and Television Award from the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) for best talk show.

In the Arab world, DW’s continued success is based on programming that both resonates with audiences and represents values of media freedom. Shows like Shababtalk and the Al Basheer show are a rare presence in the media landscape in Arabic countries. Because they break taboos and venture where other programs won’t, viewers from across the Arab world turn to these programs for an honest perspective on important social issues.

DW (Arabia) is also a trusted and consistent source of news in Arabic that complements the variety of social issues covered in talk shows and magazines. Both pan-Arabic and national broadcasters can miss out on bringing audiences a complete perspective on issues like gender equality, democratic values and government corruption.

DW’s fills a niche by sticking to the traditional values of public service broadcasting that audiences in western countries may take for granted, but which are lacking in other parts of the world. These include independent reporting, balanced presentation and maintaining a critical view of those in power. This is why DW in the Arab world will continue to see success and deliver audiences something they can’t find elsewhere.


2016-10-14 | 8:38