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Market roundup: February 2013

Latin America
Major developments in Mexico, where the culture TV channel ARTVC will be integrating several DW programs into its lineup, including Euromaxx, Enlaces, Visión Futuro, Reporteros en el mundo. ARTVC reaches around 5 million subscribers. In addition, public broadcasters in the states of Mexico (Sistema Mexiquensa de Radio y Televisión), Morelia (Sistema Michoacano de Radio y Telvisión) and Hidalgo (Radio y Televisión de Hidalgo) will be broadcasting DW’s Spanish program – DW (Latnoamérica), making it available to around 45 million potential viewers.

DW also has a new partner in Bolivia with the cable provider Sistema de Radio y Televisión Agüaragüe. This new partnership will make DW (Latinoamérica) available in Tarija, in the southern part of the country.

The DW Media Center has expanded with four new languages – including Chinese, Hindi, Kiswahili and Turkish. The DW Media Center offers users direct access to pictures, audio and video material from DW.

Afghan TV is now a partner for DW in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The station is based in Islamabad and broadcasts to Afghanistan as well as for the around 1.5 million Afghani immigrants living in Pakistan. Along with programming in Dari and Pashtu, Afghan TV will also be broadcasting a selection of DW programming in English.

DW is now available nationwide in New Zealand, due to a change in operations from a trusted partner. Triangle TV is becoming Face TV and is now part of Sky TV via the Optus D1 satellite. Face TV will be available in around 175,000 households in New Zealand and will be integrating several hours of DW programming into its lineup.   Elshinta Televisi, a private television station in Jakarta, has begun broadcasting Drive It! As well as the Indonesian TV program Inovator. Along with terrestrial satellite, Elshinta TV is also available via cable and IPTV.



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Market roundup: July 2012


DW has found a new partner for World Stories with the South Africa based project Africa Report. The Dutch NGO Media for Business Development Foundation (MBDF) started Africa Report in 2009. MBDF supports the development of the private sector in African countries and the TV program Africa Report inspires its viewers with the success stories from African businesses.


The leading Russian pay TV channel Tricolor TV is now including DW in its “Optimum” package. The new DW partner has more than 30 million cable subscribers and is the largest satellite TV provider in Russia. The British market research firm HIS Screen Digest states that Tricolor is the fastest growing DTH service in Europe and in the top three worldwide (along with Dish TV and Sun Direct).

Another partnership in Russia was added just last week during the Global Media Forum in Bonn. Chetvertyi kanal (Channel 4) will begin integrating the program “Europe in Concert” into its lineup.


The most important cable providers in Bolivia is now integrating two DW channels in its network. COTEL has picked up the Spanish and German language DW channels as part of its basic package and is thereby providing viewers in the capitol city of La Paz with DW programming around the clock.


Following the launch of in February, DW has also relaunched its website for mobile users at The site is optimized for mobile handsets and smartphones and is available in 30 languages.


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