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Guido Baumhauer tackles ten questions with the EBU

Guido Baumhauer, DW’s Director of Distribution, recently took time for a Q&A with the EBU, covering everything from the future of media to the Hunger Games and Jane Fonda. One of his insights has to do with using social media outside of the office:

“It is redefining how we all receive and redistribute our information and how we communicate. As a communication platform and information channel, social media provides a great opportunity for people to find and share information and news from many reliable sources.

I love this new freedom of the former “recipient” – when something big happens, social media channels are often faster than traditional sources and I rely on my smartphone. But to be honest, I don’t need to share pictures of my dinner on Facebook and Twitter via Instagram – I concentrate on eating it instead.”

Read the whole interview here.


2013-01-09 | 1:04



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