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Witness India’s environmental revolution on Eco@India

India is at an environmental crossroads. As the country grows its economy and brings more of its population out of poverty, it is producing an extreme level of air, water and ground pollution.  At the same time, India is experiencing a revolution in renewable energy development like solar power.

DW’s new environmental magazine for India, Eco@India, brings you the stories, people, challenges and innovations that are changing India’s approach to environmental issues. The format takes a personal approach and focuses on individuals and local projects. With this local focus, Eco@India puts a spotlight on India’s movement towards sustainable and ecological development – one person, city and region at a time.

Some highlights include entrepreneurial solutions to metropolitan waste management, cleaning India’s dirtiest river and fighting noise pollution in Mumbai.

Each episode of Eco@India also includes segments on European cities and sustainable practices that demonstrate how environmental preservation is truly a global issues and solutions require international cooperation.

Eco@India comes along with the success of the show’s African format, Eco@Africa, which is currently on its second season. Be sure to catch the latest episodes of Eco@India this January and February, with new episodes broadcast every Friday.


2019-01-16 | 9:21



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