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DW celebrates one year of World Stories with its partners around the globe

DW’s show World Stories is celebrating one year on-air today. So far, the program has featured more than 340 reports about places, people and issues across the globe. World Stories was developed as a unique way to highlight the local issues in a globalized world. Collaborating with its premium international partners, World Stories features their best and most captivating stories. Journalists from around the world share their view of their home country and continent, their people, and their issues.

The program features stories from 69 contributors in 48 different countries – just check out our interactive map to see where. One of the contributing stations is CTV from Cantebury, New Zealand. CTV’s headquarters was completely destroyed in the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, but CTV has now risen from the rubble and is a regular contributor to World Stories. Or what about the Romanian station TVR. Over the past 12 months, they’ve been bringing us some fascinating reports about Romanian culture and lifestyle.

The magazine focuses on people and the interesting stories they have to tell. World Stories offers news, reports and portraits on all facets of life that give new insights on how things are done differently around the globe. It is widening horizons, for instance by showing how the city of Hong Kong plays an essential role in China’s rapid economic growth, through the eyes of a local business entrepreneur.


2013-02-08 | 10:56



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