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A voice for Latin America – Uruguay’s Pepe Mujica

Former Uruguayan president José “Pepe” Mujica has distinguished himself as a voice for progressive values and for being a social reformer. As one of Latin America’s most notable personalities, during his presidency Uruguay transformed itself into one of the most liberal countries in Latin America.

Now Mujica is appearing on DW’s Spanish-language website every two weeks to share his ideas on what is shaping the Latin American world and beyond. Conciencia Sur – El mundo según Pepe Mujica (The conscience of the south – The world according to Pepe Mujica), makes a valuable contribution to the depth and diversity of opinion on DW’s Spanish-language web content. By giving a platform to one of the most notable contemporary political figures in Latin America, DW can reveal unique insight into issues that are important to the region.

In his video commentary , Mujica shares his views on issues like fanaticism, corruption, greed and the ineffectiveness of international agreements to protect life and nature. He talks about problems facing young people, while at the same time saying that never before have people had the resources and knowledge to change the planet for the better.

Much like the DW program La voz de tus derechos from Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez, Conciencia Sur brings an alternative perspective into social issues affecting Latin Americans. Outstanding public figures are set apart by the ideas they represent and the force of conviction in which they express themselves. With respected wisdom and a unrivaled dedication to his ideas, Pepe Mujica’s originality and insight will make a big impression on everyone who hears his message.


2016-09-21 | 8:18



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