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New coproduction in Palestine

Deutsche Welle (DW) has put intercultural dialogue at the forefront in 2012 by expanding its work with partners in the Arab world. DW is producing “Hiwar El Khamies” with Raya FM in Palestine along with “Rabia Al-Shabab” with Voice of Lebanon. Both coproductions show DW’s focus on the future of the Arab world and will be produced weekly.

“DW is committed to working in the most dynamic regions in the world,” said Naser Shrouf, DW’s Head of Distribution for Africa/Middle East. “Our presence in Palestine, Lebanon and the Middle East is one of our priorities. Coproductions like these are the best sign of beneficial dialogue across cul-tural borders and national lines. We look forward to long partnerships and new challenges in the future.”

New challenges in Palestine
Hiwar El Khamies officially began on February 1 and will be aired on Thurs-days at 3:30 pm local time in Palestine. “Similar to our TV talk shows in the Arab world, we want to use radio as a medium to create a dialogue between Europe and the Middle East,” said Rainer Sollich, Head of the Arabic Radio Programming at DW.

The talk show will be hosted by radio personalities from Raya FM and DW, and will welcome expert guests to discuss a range of different topics. Listen-ers will have the opportunity to join the conversation and continue the debate online on DW’s Arabic Facebook page.

Besides Raya FM with its nationwide reach in Palestine, the coproduced program will be aired by three other DW partners: Radio Albald in Jenin, Radio Alwan in Gaza and Radio Marah in Hebron to maximize the number of lis-teners in the region.

“This coproduction is the result of a perfectly-functioning partnership be-tween DW and Raya FM,” said Ihab Al Jarere, Program and News Manager at Raya FM. “This has been proven by the current expansion – from re-broadcasting DW programming to creating a new format together. The idea of the new show is to create a platform for open dialogue on a number of issues that play a major role in the Middle East and Palestine.”


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