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DW brings Pulse to MySpace to offer the latest from the German music scene

To start the new year, DW’s program Pulse will offer music fans a new way to hear the latest music from the German club scene. The new DW page at Myspace will offer music fans the chance to listen to the latest songs from up-and-coming German groups as well as offering tour dates and interviews with bands:

Berlinskibeat was the first of the unsigned band profiles Pulse featured this week. Among others, the following bands will be presented in the coming weeks: Devil Named Jones, Julian King, Sticks in the Casino and Sputnik Booster & the Future Posers.  All episodes of the show are available as audio on demand on DW’s Pulse homepage, as well as on Myspace Unsigned’s Stream. Myspace boasts the largest free online music and video library in the world, which currently contains more than 42 million songs and videos.

The weekly English-language radio show Pulse takes a look at youth culture in Europe and around the world. Each edition consists of 30 minutes of fun, stimulating information and music. The show is rebroadcast by DW’s partner radio stations around the world and is also available online.


2013-01-11 | 9:35



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