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Smart content for smart TVs

The future of developing smart TV is caught between what audiences are used to and what the user experience can actually provide. Even the best models are held back by cumbersome Internet browsing with a television remote or poor user interface combined with an overwhelming number of applications that complicate entertainment choices.

But people consume information differently than they would entertainment. And a recent study suggests that news apps for smart TVs are among the most popular. Audiences want direct and clear access to broadcast news that isn’t constrained by the scheduling of linear television or made tiresome by typing into a web browser. Consumers are buying more smart TVs and even if they don’t use the device’s full potential, the apps which succeed are going to get enormous exposure.

DW is establishing its place alongside other top international news broadcasters on smart TVs with the continual development of user-friendly apps. The latest development is a deal making the DW for Smart TV app available on all Sony Smart TVs via the Sony entertainment network.  Sony is among the top three manufacturers of smart TVs worldwide.

DW’s app unlocks the full potential of smart TV with an attractive layout and on-demand access to the best DW programming and world-class news broadcasting. DW’s multilingual and culturally-tailored content knows no borders and will reach high-end market users of this state-of-the-art entertainment technology.

There are also other options for converging the Internet with television. Set-top-boxes are an alternative to smart TVs for providing audiences with a connected entertainment experience. Some critics consider even them to be a more adaptable and  superior alternative. DW is also available on Amazon Fire  set-top-boxes via the Opera Store ,with on-demand content on any television with a Amazon fire box.The DW for Smart TV app is also available via a Google TV set-top-box.

The next step for DW is a planned rollout of the DW app for Android TV. The horizon for innovation stretches far and wide. In the future it is likely that every living room will eventually have a smart TV and DW will be right where the audience is looking.




2015-02-13 | 7:17



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