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Eva & Adele: Life as a performance

eva adele

With their bald heads and outrageous outfits, Berlin-based duo Eva & Adele are a rather striking couple on the art scene. They dress and make up identically, in the process deconstructing gender roles. They’ve now been honored with an exhibition in Paris.


Report: Simone Hoffmann



Georgia O’Keeffe – American art pioneer on show in Vienna

US painter Georgia O’Keeffe became an icon in her home country and one of the most expensive artists in the world. Her art, suspended between the literal and the abstract, is now on show in Vienna. (From December 13, 2016)

The secretive photographer: Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier is now considered one of the most important street photographers of the United States, her fame came posthumously. But since her life was very private the promotion also sparks debates in the art world. (From February 24, 2015)

Pakistani artist Saher Sohail illustrations strike a chord with the Diaspora

Touted as the ‘Pakistani Martha Stewart’, Saher Sohail has been making waves on social media with her witty illustrations that are based on the experiences of a second-generation Pakistani woman living abroad. DW blogger Roma Rajpal-Weiß spoke to her about her art and the inspiration behind it. (From November 2, 2016)


20.12.2016 | 13:55