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About us

What does this blog offer?
DW Akademie’s Asia blog is a forum on media development throughout the region. It’s a creative digital platform to discuss important developments and issues in this field, present the knowledge shared in DW Akademie’s media projects in Asia and interact with former and future participants. It also serves as a base of resources, tips and tools for journalists and media trainers.

Who writes on this blog?
The authors and contributors are project managers, trainers and journalists working for DW Akademie. Find out more about us here.
In addition, we always welcome contributions from former participants in our training projects. We love to hear from you – whether it’s in the form of comments on blog posts or full-fledged articles. Let’s turn this blog into a forum for discussion and a platform for an exchange of ideas.
Please respect that this page is about media training and media development only. Advertising, uncommented links, and off-topic posts will be removed. Thank you for your understanding.

What is DW Akademie?
DW Akademie is the media development, media consulting and professional journalism training division of Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle. It offers partners and clients around the globe a broad spectrum of training and consulting services. The work of DW Akademie is financed by public funding. The largest donor is German’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

What does DW Akademie do in Asia?
Our work in Asia includes advanced training for journalists and consulting for media professionals and partner organizations in the fields of print, digital and broadcast media. Our aim is to support and strengthen the development of free, independent media at the community, regional and national levels.

Together with local partners we endeavor to improve media structures, empower local media and raise journalism standards and skills. Among our long-term projects are listener-oriented radio formats in Vietnam, media education in Laos, the first Bhutanese television programs for children and preserving the audiovisual heritage in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal.We work with a variety of local and national broadcasters, as well as regional and international development partners.

How can you link to DW Akademie’s Asia blog?
You can help expand our community. To add our banner to your website or blog simply copy the entire code below the banner of your choice and paste it into your web page.

 DW-AKADEMIE - Media development in Asia

 DW-AKADEMIE - Media development in Asia

 DW-AKADEMIE - Media development in Asia


How can you  contact DW Akademie’s Asia team?
Please email us at dwa-asia [at] . Be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter!