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Recognizing the challenges of first-generation college students

Picture: Kathrin Biegner

Two fellow activists and I worked at a stand for first-year students

Four years ago, I founded a local chapter of in Mainz, the city where I studied. The non-profit organization supports children whose parents didn’t attend university as they pursue college degrees. After I read an article about, I decided that I definitely had to support the organization for two reasons.

First, in the article Katja Urbatsch, the founder of, described the typical challenges for children of non-academic families after they finish high school. Many barriers seemed familiar to me: The insecurity about the value of studying certain subjects, like the humanities. A question I struggled with in the beginning was: Wouldn’t it be better to work and earn money immediately after high school? Later, the confusion arising from the task of writing initial academic papers was tough for me.


June 13, 2012 | 2:01 pm



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