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Journalists@work: Malik Abass Daabu

Malik at work in the myjoyonline newsroom

In the next of our Journalists@Work series we meet Malik Abass Daabu, Editor of Myjoyonline in Accra, Ghana. Myjoyonline is the website of radio station Joy-FM and is one of the most successful Ghanaian news websites in the country. The 33-year old has been working as an editor of myjoyonline for five years and is a graduate of the  Ghana Institut for Journalism. DW Akademie’s Christine Harjes spoke to Malik about his work and myjoyonline.


What should the world know about myjoyonline?

 The world should know that this ist the most credible online news portal with news from Ghana and abroad.

What’s the most interesting topic you’ve been working on lately?

I just started to work on medical negligence in Ghana. I’m still gathering material but it’s really interesting. People go to the hospitals and doctors give either wrong prescriptions or they don’t read their folders properly. It happens on a daily basis.

Do you have a motto for your work?

 I want to affect change and not inflict pain.

Has a story ever changed your life?

Well, last year there was a fire disaster at a market here in Accra. My footage journalist was there to take photographs. He brought the photographs and I saw ladies with tears running down their cheeks. I asked ‘who are these girls?’ And he explained to me that they were crying because they lost their sewing machines in the fire. So I took those pictures and went to do the story. As soon as it was online, I started getting calls from individuals who wanted to help the girls to get back their sewing machine. Finally, a lady bought two sewing machines and brought them here. I called the girls and the donors gave them the machines. What I like is also what I don’t like: I’m better informed than most people. But that also depresses me. I know that the country is not achieving the progress it should be achieving. I’d feel better if I didn’t know!

Not a bad motto for a newsroom!

Your most important working tool…

That’s the internet!

What do you want to learn in journalism?

How to do features and documentaries.

Do you have a blog or a website?

Oh, for years I’ve been harassed to create one. I haven’t done it yet.

What’s your favorite website?

Apart from myjoyonline, it’s the BBC.

A smartphone and mobile internet is vital for Malik’s work

What social networks do you use?

I use Twitter but not too much. I use Facebook a lot. The reason I use it a lot is because if something is breaking, you first see it on Facebook. I’m also on LinkedIn and WhatsApp, which I use a lot, too.

What would be your SMS to the world?

Too much dishonesty and hypocrisy in the world!



Friday 2013-03-22




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